Tree Pruning

As a full service landscape company, our goal is to maintain the health and beauty of your trees and shrubs, and because of this goal we offer a complete pruning service. Our staff is sensitive to the finer aspects of tree and shrub pruning, and we are able to explain the pro’s and con’s of all your trees and shrubs as they relate to your landscape as a whole.

Your trees and shrubs are a very valuable part of your landscape. A healthy tree and shrub will mature faster and is less prone to diseases and insects. Winter is an excellent time to prune most of your trees and shrubs and in some cases it is the only time you are allowed, according to the City of Calgary By-Laws. When your trees and shrubs are leafless it is easy to spot diseases and trouble branches.

Ask us about winter pruning rates!

Services Offered:

  • Tree and shrub pruning / shaping
  • Tree Restoration
  • Spruce and Pine Deadwooding
  • Removals
  • Hedge trimming
  • Tree Surgery, Cabling & Bracing
  • Nursery Pruning of all your young trees and shrubs - Very important for the overall structure and growth of a young tree or shrub
  • Dutch Elm Disease Prevention Program (Elm trees can only be pruned between October 1 and April 1. This is a city of Calgary Bylaw, which is in place to help prevent the spread of the “Dutch Elm Disease”. All dead wood must be pruned out annually.)
  • Consulting